When the blood of your veins returns to the sea and the dust of your bones returns to the ground, maybe then will you remember that this earth does not belong to you, you belong to this earth.
- Unknown  (via unteens)

(Source: thedruidsteaparty, via pure-void)


You locked me in the library
In the stacks of well-written books
By people far smarter than me
By people far better than me
My words were
Drowning in their pages
Unable to speak
Unable to articulate
A sentence
One that would be enough for you

I was reading
But I wanted so badly to read you
And every page
Took me further away from your eyes
Drifting ceaselessly from your face
But you turned to me
And shot me with your words
Crashing like a violent wave
Then pulling back again calmly
And I’d latch on to your gaze
Until we become strangers again